Tuesday, September 20, 2011


At QFrame we are very committed to get our new, young people quickly up to speed with .Net development. To achieve this, we have started with the dotnetAcademy project in which we give our youngster all the necessary info to become good developers. This also allows us to get them up to speed with new technologies once they get on the job.

For the dotnetAcademy we work together with bitconsult, who have already been giving this kind of training for some time now. The training itself consists of actual workshops on topics they will need in real application development (WCF, patterns, ALM, ... to name a few), training on presentation and communication skills, and an internal project they will be developing during the next two months. This project will also be closely monitored and coached by myself as will I give some of the workshop trainings.

Starting this week, our junior programmers have also started blogging. You can read about their experiences at the dotnetAcademy site. Check it out, I'd say.

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